Milestone: Small Project

6 years late (30/11/11 18:00:00)

Creating our own SFComponent for controlling 2 servers and 1 client using SFplanner package

  1. use VM as the representation of the client or server
    1. hpvm2 as server #1
    2. hpvm6 as server #2
    3. hpvm11 as client
  2. create an SFComponent (VM) to manage the VM through libvirt
    1. install the component in hp1 to manage hpvm2
    2. install the component in hp2 to manage hpvm6
  3. create configuration file to orchestrate the changes
    1. using manual Behavioral Signature
    2. using automated Behavioral Signature
  4. do experiments to change their states

There two ways to get the use-cases:

  • use use-cases in to generate:
    1. actions which are kept in actions database
    2. examples of the current and desired state
  • synthesize the use-cases based on daily operations of data center
  • get the real use-cases from the external institution, such as HP Labs or Computing Service of Informatics

We need the Java version of Metric-FF to ease the integration with SmartFrog

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