This page is for Electrical Energy System Group SVN repo to use for development, and to share useful code etc. There are two main folders in the ees repository, 'stable', and 'dev' (short for development). Everyone in IES has read access to the stable folder. Everyone in IES has both read and write access to the 'dev' folder.


which you can do here:

Then, you can access the repository here(development folder):

Files that mature enough will be moved to the stable folder(not in use at the moment):

The intention currently is that code will migrate from dev to stable as it matures, but there are currently no rules regarding this. There is no obligation to use this repo, but it would be nice if we did, so code is not lost when people leave. You can request your own personal repository for your own stuff (again see You can also practice using subversion with this.

If you need to allow an external (to IES) person access to the repository, contact Richard or Ozan. They will almost certainly be given access only to a specific subfolder you are working in.

If you're new to SVN, here's some useful links:

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