1) Download and Install CULA  http://www.culatools.com/downloads/dense

2) Download and untar Eigen3 C++ library  http://eigen.tuxfamily.org

3) Download the source code from the svn repository

svn co https://svn.ecdf.ed.ac.uk/repo/user/lcebaman/ACTA_GPU

4) Load magma/goto2.cuda4.1.28 module from a command line typing:

module load magma/goto2.cuda4.1.28

if there is a conflict with any other package, unload the package that originates the conflict typing:

module unload name_of_package

5) Getting the source code ready for compilation

cp Makefile.HECToR_GPU Makefile
cp make.inc.HECToR_GPU make.inc
cp est_hsq.HECToR_GPU est_hsq.cpp
cp grm.HECToR_GPU grm.cpp

6) Specify the path of library EIGEN in the Makefile,

EigenLib  = /path/to/EigenLibrary/eigen-eigen-5097c01bcdc4

7) Compile